What to Know About Advecta 3 before Using It on Your Dog to Treat and Control the Flea Infestation

For any person who owns dogs, the Advecta 3 is no new product in the business market, agro vet or the household. The medication is used in the treatment, management and elimination of a variety of pests such fleas in all their stages which are the eggs, larvae and adults, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, biting flies, and insects.Read more about Flea Infestation at    Advecta 3 flea medicine . The medication is usually applied monthly to ensure the consistency in treatment which in the long run eliminates and does away with the target pests. The product is also prominent for its waterproof and resistance features which guarantee longer survival even when the pest is shampooed.
The medicine comprises of the same active ingredients as those present in Bayer K9 Advantix II for dogs which explains why the two can be used interchangeably with no severe side effects on the animal they are used on. The similarity in the composition also means that the two products have the same effects, impact, and results desired by the user who is interested in the use of the medications. The Advent 3 should only be used on dogs and not any other animal as it only meant for the group. The user should also buy the most suitable brand of the product as they vary according to the size and weight of the dog to be used on.
It is also essential to note the frequency of application of the medication. In any normal case, the product should be applied once a month since that the much time it can stay and remain as effective and efficient as possible. There are the severe cases where the flea infestation is beyond control and has caused so much harm. It is only during such occurrences that the medication can be applied more frequently, but it should not be used more than once every seven days.Read more about Flea Infestation at  Advecta 3  . After the situation is managed, the user should get back to the ordinary once a month application.
The medicine is only meant for external uses and not any other form of treatment. The product is not suitable for any other animals other than the stated, and it is also not appropriate for puppies under the age of seven months. Any contact with the dog's eyes mouth ears or any other part that may lead to the internal entry of the medicine should be handled with so much urgency and immediacy by contacting the vet doctor.Learn more from  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flea_Infestation